If you got asked how safe your chimney is, how would you respond? The honest truth is that the health of your chimney is neglected by most people. As one of the leading causes of house fires, it is essential that your chimney is free from blockages and soot build up and in a serviceable condition at all times. Cornwall Chimney Services are here to inspect your chimney, advise you about any work that needs to be completed and carry it out in a swift but safe manner. Our chimney sweeps regularly inspect chimneys in Truro and across the whole of Cornwall, so book an appointment and get a free quote today.

You won’t go up in a puff of smoke!

In England, there are approximately 7000 chimney related fires a year which cause devastation to homes and buildings. But the worst part is that with regular chimney sweeping, a large percentage of those would have been preventable.

At Cornwall Chimney Services, we specialise in chimney sweeping, birds nest removal, cowl and bird guards and general chimney repairs. We want to help you to protect your home from the threat of fire and share the knowledge about the importance of chimney sweeping far and wide.

Keep your chimney in safe working order

By using cowls or bird guards, you reduce the risk of birds or other animals entering your chimney. However these can be damaged over time, so it is important they are regularly inspected. Our team can replace broken cowls and bird guards on your behalf whilst also sweeping your chimney. If you’re unsure of what condition your cowls are in, book a full chimney inspection with our experts for your peace of mind.

Birds nest removal and chimney clearance

A birds nest can cause a complete blockage of your chimney, which in turn can lead to build-ups of deadly toxins and gases and problems with damp and condensation. It’s often quite easy to tell when you have a birds nest in your chimney and you should call in the experts as soon as you have any suspicions. Rely on our team for birds nest removals, chimney repairs and maintenance in Truro and across Cornwall.

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From chimney repairs to bird nest removal, our team are on hand

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